Specialty Cut peony Flowers

Midsommar Farm is a family-owned fresh-cut peony flower farm

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Exclusive Peony Rootstock

Midsommar Farm is a family-owned fresh-cut peony flower farm

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Why Choose Midsommar

Exceptional Root Stock

Much of Midsommar’s stock comes from a nursery in Holland known for growing and multiplying exclusive, high quality peony roots. Now a second-generation family-owned business, our supplier propagates peonies utilizing traditional methods not Meristem culture.

Unmatched Assortment

Midsommar specializes in rare and highly desirable varieties not often available at other wholesalers. And because we specialize in peony, we’re able to continually develop and refine our sourcing, cultivation, and harvest to provide the most beautiful, robust flowers possible.

Certified Naturally Grown

The Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) designation is a farm assurance program that certifies produce, livestock and apiaries for organic producers who sell locally and directly to their customers. Founded in 2002 CNG is known as “The Grassroots Alternative to Certified Organic.” Easier and less expensive to administer, CNG is an attractive alternative to the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) certification for smaller scale operations committed to sustainable practices.

Locally Grown

We supply locally, so our flowers never travel very far to get from our field to you. We like to sell flowers by the stem so that you can create your own masterpiece using your favorite blooms and colors, and are in complete control of size and budget. We invite you to try this beautiful, natural alternative to the traditional floral industry. You won’t be disappointed.

About us

Our Story

Midsommar Farm, LLC, is our small family-owned, fresh-cut peony flower farm located at the base of Short Hill Mountain in northern Virginia. Since opening the business in 2013, we’ve always aimed to provide flowers of unparalleled beauty and longevity. Commitment to this goal drives us to seek out the highest quality peony roots available, most of which we imported from Holland. We are proud to have earned the Certified Naturally Grown designation, which means we use organic methods absent of harsh chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Our methods sustainably nurture the soil, while hand cutting allows us to inspect each bloom before harvest to ensure a product that provides the longest vase life possible.

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